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    Heather Lynds, Product Manager, in the development organisation of EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) speaks with Oracle at Oracle’s first EPM Summit in Melbourne. Heather talks about introducing Oracle’s Account Reconciliation Manager and the benefits for customers. Account reconciliations has to be one of the biggest bottlenecks and risks in the financial close and reporting process, and many organizations rely on spreadsheets and manual processes to perform this critical process. To help address this problem, Oracle developed an Account Reconciliation Manager module that is being delivered as part of Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management. This module helps automate and streamline account reconciliations and eliminates the chances for errors, omissions and fraud. But unlike standalone account reconciliation packages, it’s integrated with the rest of the Oracle Hyperion Financial Close suite, and can integrate balances from any source system. This can help alleviate a major bottleneck in the financial close process, increase accuracy and reduce risk, and can complement existing investments in Hyperion Financial Management, as well as Oracle and non-Oracle transaction processing systems.