Oracle Workflow Is Not That Hard As You Think ! REALLY !

For Apps Professionals Who Wants to Get a Dream Job By Mastering Oracle Workflow...

An Easy and Complete System To Make YOU a Workflow Master Within a Month and Apply For That Dream Job !

Remember the last time You applied for a dream job? And You suddenly realized that Oracle Workflow is "Must-Have" in most of the job Specifications ?

  • Even if You were really good in Apps, Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, did You miss that chance to apply for job because Oracle Workflow was a mandatory or desirable skill?
  • And the person with less knowledge than You getting cleared in Interviews because he knows Workflow better ?
  • Are You being Denied that well deserved pay hike because of lack of knowledge in Workflows?
  • Are You finding difficulty understanding the technical Design of components as it involves Workflow?
  • Being functional consultant, You doubt that the technical consultants are exploiting your lack of awareness about Workflow ?

Now, think about how it will be, IF You could turn around the situation RIGHT NOW !!!

  • You can show up in any technical discussion with lot of confidence!
  • You are no longer denied that Pay hike which you deserve!
  • You qualify for more job opportunities, and lands up in Your Dream Job!

I am Arunkumar Menon, an Oracle Apps consultant for last 10+ years! All these years, I have been working different solutions ranging from simple to complex in Oracle Workflows (well, not only Workflows for 10 years, but I was working in other technologies as well ;)). Since I have dealt with most of the different type of workflows for so many years, I thought it will be interesting to share it with other Oracle Apps professionals like You!

I have been teaching Workflows for some years now as part of my projects (not online training), and I thought it was a easy tool to understand. Then one of my friend told me that, it is easy for me because I worked in Workflows for so many years, and that revelation that many consultants are there who wants to learn Workflow, but still not able to find good simple resources, surprised me! I went ahead and checked with my wider friend group and most of them had the same opinion!

 I have decided to help these consultants in a way that I can, hence created a 50 page e-Book on Oracle Workflows. This will definitely give any fresher or experienced Apps consultant, a very good idea about Workflows. For a Functional Consultant, this might be a quite enough guide for understanding what Workflow technically is... For a Technical Consultant, this would be a "setting up the strong base" book. And the cool part is - the book is Yours TOTALLY FREE !!! Yes, I mean it, for being a member of, that is a gift from me! :)

You can get access to the guide by entering the Name and Email below, and a mail with link to download the guide will be sent to you. Please remember to add into you mail contact lists. You will also benefit with some of the Workflow tips which I will pass in the emails later!

Take a look at the guide, provide your honest review in the below comments section, I will love to have Your feedback! If you have got any questions on Workflows, feel free to enter as comments below OR send to me at "" and I will take a look. If You want to take your career to the next level by mastering Workflow, let me know your interest, I will add you to the waiting list for My online course!

All the best, Enjoy the eBook !

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What Readers Say About the Book...

Arun is a Guru of Workflows. Have seen him deliver very complex and high impact solutions leveraging Workflow!
Sameer Raleraskar
This book provides a comprehensive outlook on Oracle workflow by one of solution architects who designed workflow based solution. It's a lucid and self explanatory packed with knowledge from years of experience. Good job Arun!
Varkey Joseph
Book is nicely written. Anybody can learn the workflow/s easily.Good work.Keep it up!
Thank you for taking time out to write this excellent primer on Oracle Workflows. For a layman like me, this book served as an excellent starting step to get a grip on what the workflow is and how to build my first workflow!
Anoop Kumar S
This is a wonderful book for gives a sneak peek into the Oracle Workflow and provides the outlook that workflow is easy and simple to learn It is indeed a nice book .
Good job. Waiting for further advanced articles on WF...
Really appreciate the effort that has been put to write such a book. A beginner as well as an experienced professional can go through this book and get more insight on Oracle workflow...
Sneha Mathew
This Book will really helps the person, who is not at all aware of Workflow. starting from the basics of workflow to the detailed processing have been explained in such a way that.. we don’t need to refer any other sites for further things.
Athulya Randhir