A Best Course on Oracle Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS)

Recently I had a chat with Rick M, who happened to share the same vision as myself… If you have read my book “Oracle Workflow Is Not That Hard As You Think!”, then you must have seen my vision of creating an Apps learning platform for discounted prices. Rick also shares the same vision, and he found that many of the Training sites out there, doesn’t offer that much value to the course fee! The fee is more, but the content of the course is much less!

Hence, he has created a course on Oracle Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS) recently, and has published it for a low price! He is on the way to set up a website for much more trainings, meantime, You can access the AGIS course from here: https://xlerp.thinkific.com/courses/Advanced-Global-Intercompany-System

The course itself is priced at $199, with lot of videos in it, which Rick created from his hard earned experience. It is a discounted price for this course, but he still have offered us more discounts, since we are partners (Happy news :))!! So, if you want to get this course, let us know at arunkumar.menon.apps@gmail.com OR info@oracleappsvideos.com. We can work out the best deal with Rick!

The Course Description in his own words:

Oracle Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS) which is a new module within the Oracle E-Business Suite which allows companies to streamline intercompany processing and facilitates the reconciliation of intercompany transactions.

Due to Globalization of trade & Commerce , organizations expanded operations local to countries and has to meet the statutory requirements which needs support documentation to transactions in addition to reconciling.

Also the volume of transactions increased which needs automation of process with Authentication of entries which needs flexibility to approve, modify and reject and real time notifications.

Due to above, knowledge and experience on AGIS is one of the Niche knowledge which any employer will look for in any candidates profile in a consulting & Implementation projects.

Here we have prepared an end to end course as a process flow across module with setup and transacting which will help you to build knowledge on AGIS.

This course is built to address a new comer to an experienced consultant in mind from our practical experience in projects.

Again, the link to the course is https://xlerp.thinkific.com/courses/Advanced-Global-Intercompany-System

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